How To Signup Binance (Best Guide!)

Want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and buy and sell coins safely and freely? Then you need a world-renowned platform that carefully protects your payment methods and wallet, and promises security. Among the many platforms, Binance is indeed among the most preferred. This exchange platform, where millions of transactions are made every day, tries to ensure the security of transactions and trading processes, especially with technologies such as two-factor authentication, or identity, and residence verification. If you want to have an account on Binance but you are not sure how the signup steps work, you are definitely in the right place. Let’s start the review!

Step by Step Binance Sign Up Guide

Follow the steps below to register on Binance smoothly and securely:

  • First, go to Binance’s official website and find the orange Register button among the buttons in the upper right. In addition, there is a “Register Now” button on the banner on the landing page. You can also click this.
  • You have to enter your login information on the page that appears. You will be asked for your e-mail address, password and reference ID. If you are not joining Binance with someone’s referral, you can leave the referral ID field blank. If you want to register with Binance via your mobile device information, not via e-mail, check the Mobile option on the side tab.
  • So, are there any rules you need to follow when creating a password? Of course there is. Your password must contain at least 8 digits and must contain both uppercase characters and number. These requests by Binance are specifically developed to make your password untraceable and unpredictable. Therefore, following them will be to your advantage. Finally, if you’re signing up with Binance through a friend’s referral, don’t forget to fill in the Referance ID correctly as well.
  • In the next step, you will see a security verification page to ensure security and ensure that the user is not a bot. The task given through an image proves that you are a human being. Solve the puzzle that will be requested from you here.
  • The next step continues with sending a code to your e-mail for two-stage security reasons. You need to paste the code sent to your e-mail to the required place on Binance’s site. Verification code usage time is thirty minutes. If you think that the e-mail did not come to you, you can try to press the Resend button.
  • Once you complete this process, you will officially become a real Binance user. In the next step, you need to activate 2DA verification in order to increase the security of your account. 2FA will mean requesting the code sent to both your e-mail address and your phone while logging in or performing an important action. Also, when you do Google and Phone verification, you will receive a notification with device details every time you log into your Binance account from a new device to your e-mail address.


Are they all ok? Wonderful! You have now learned how to easily sign up to Binance on desktop. If you wish, we can also take a look at how to complete the same operations via the mobile app.

How to Sign Up Binance on Binance App

Binance App is one of the safest ways to trade cryptocurrencies from anywhere, easily and quickly. After entering this app, which you can download from application markets for free, you will see the text “Log in / Register” on the interface. Your first job should be to touch here.

  • You will see an orange “Register” text in the upper right corner of the page that opens later. Click this.
  • Next is the stage where information is requested from you for registration. Here, too, the password rules and registration ID requirements are the same. If you enter the information correctly, you can easily continue with the registration steps.
  • In the next step, when trying to register from mobile to Binance, the system requests security verification from you. To prove that you are not a bot, you must solve the puzzle. You can quickly solve the simple puzzle and move on to the next stage.
  • In the next step, a verification code is sent to your e-mail address. Write this on the requested page in the app. Proceed to the next step.
  • You have now created your account, congratulations! It’s time to turn on 2FA verification and make your transactions quickly and securely!

A small tip: In order to continue with the steps, you must declare that you accept the Terms of Use By checking the box below after you have determined your email and password.

Is Binance Legal?

Binance continues to serve fully legally and officially in many countries around the world. The company is regularly controlled by various regulators and is used by many corporate organizations. In particular, the use of various security applications that will provide user protection on the platform allows Binance to comply with consumer rights protection laws in many countries, including the USA. Binance is also among the popular platforms used as a cryptocurrency and fiat exchange platform in the USA. Additional features such as SSL certificate and 2FA offered by the company to users make it possible for many individuals to easily secure their own accounts.

How is the Support Service of Binance?

Binance is one of the portals rich in customer support services and informative content. Comprehensive content covering everything from withdrawals to deposits, margin trading to other transactions is posted regularly on the Binance Blog. In addition to this, there are detailed guides about the operations you can perform as self-service on the comprehensive support page of the platform, as well as frequently asked questions and their answers. In addition, users can get additional services by clicking the Support button in the lower right corner of the site, if they wish.

  • When you click the support button, a pop-up window appears.

  • Users can find their own issues among potential issues divided into different subcategories. You will be presented with a very descriptive and detailed solution article about your chosen problem.

  • There is also a yellow background information area on the chat screen about the latest news from Binance

  • To connect directly to the chat, you need to select your problem. In this case, the system first asks you for your e-mail address. After entering your e-mail address, click “Start Chat”. You will get a chance to connect to customer service agents.

Is Binance Paid?

Binance does not charge its users any fees for signing up or trading. Depending on the payment method you use for withdrawals and deposits, you may be required to pay certain fees. This is a fee charged by your preferred payment method, not Binance. For this reason, we recommend that you make sure that the method you prefer, especially for deposits, is the advantageous option. While the fees that Binance charges during the transaction are limited to 0.1 percent, we see that its close competitors charge much higher rates.


What is Binance Stop-Loss Feature? How to Use It?

The Stop-Loss feature is a very important feature for many traders, which makes it unnecessary to risk more than is reasonable. Traders frequently use the stop-loss feature to prevent surprises by controlling their orders. Especially when the purchased coins fall faster than expected, it can be difficult to reach the right moment and place a sell order at this speed. If you use the stop-loss feature, you don’t have to worry at all. Because, for example, if the Bitcoin you bought at $40,000 drops to $38,000, you can automatically place a sell order. In this case, no matter how fast the decline is, the sale takes place at the point you specify. The freedom to set the maximum risk you want to take is a real advantage for the coin world.

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